Sean Parker, Alexandra Lenas engaged: Did they change their Facebook statuses?

sean-parker-alexandra-lenas.jpg Sean Parker, founding president of Facebook (brought to life by Justin Timberlake on the big screen in "The Social Network") has proposed to his girlfriend Alexandra Lenas, a rep for Parker tells People.

In addition to Facebook, Parker is the co-founder of Napster (an illegal music downloading service), Plaxo (another social networking site) and Causes (an advocacy and fundraising application within Facebook). Parker was one of the critics of "Social Network," calling it a "complete work of fiction" and commenting that he wished his life was as cool as the character on in the movie's life.

And just who is the lucky lady, Alexandra Lenas? She is a New York singer-songwriter. According to Gawker, the pair has only been together about six months. They debuted their romance at Heidi Klum's annual Halloween party, where Alexandra was Britney Spears from the 2000 VMAs and Parker was Timberlake from *NSync. Nice.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images