See Snooki and Jwoww dressed up like Walt and Jesse from 'Breaking Bad'

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snooki-jwoww-breaking-bad-tv-duos.jpg "Jersey Shore" might be over, but the friendship between Snooki and JWoww is still going strong. Their spinoff, the appropriately titled "Snooki & JWoww," is now in its third season on MTV. They're certainly one of the most famous duos on TV, if not the most entertaining.

The girls have become incredibly famous in the past three years, but they've still managed to maintain their down-to-Earth sense of humor and, incredibly, allow very embarrassing things about them to air on TV on a regular basis.

The geniuses over at Buzzfeed decided to commemorate the BFFs by having them dress up as famous duos of TV past, with close-to-home picks like Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie of "The Simple Life" or even Kelly and Brenda from "Beverly Hills, 90210," and out-of-left-field ones like Walt and Jesse from "Breaking Bad."

There's also a delightful interview with the two women that includes a strange but fun "Would you rather?" question, their favorite show on TV besides their own ( "American Horror Story"), and their picks for who would play which character if they. (JWoww would always play the taller one, basically.)

Check out the interview and more pictures on Buzzfeed.


Photo/Video credit: Getty Images; The Ragsy/Buzzfeed