See the 2013 Kardashian Christmas card from 'Keeping Up' 'Very Merry Christmas' special

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The "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" Christmas special, "A Very Merry Christmas," aired Sunday (Dec. 1), giving fans a sneak peek into Christmases past for the KUWTK family.

As the present-day family members sat around doing a white elephant gift exchange and drinking wine, the show played clips of family movies at the holidays -- which were actually pretty adorable and funny. Plus, Kourtney totally got faked out by joke lottery tickets that said she won $10,000. Hee.

Eventually, it was holiday card time. David LaChappelle is the photographer this year, instead of Nick Saglimbeni, who has done the card every other year. LaChappelle is a little edgier -- and Khloe is skeptical about the "artsy-fartsy" stuff he's talking about, with mixing high art with pop culture and a "futuristic messy" something or other.

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Frankly, we're with Khloe. It sounds like "Mad Max," not a holiday card. He also says no kids, which Kourtney takes umbrage with.

Then LaChapelle suggests just the women for this year, which Kim is down with -- Kanye's on tour, Lamar and Khloe are having issues, Kris and Bruce are separated, etc. etc.

Bruce, however, gets his feelings hurt that he's not being included, so the girls-only thing goes out the window. And the family eventually balks at the "no kids" rule. Kourtney is insistent that her kids be in the picture (and we're with Kourtney on this one).

The picture looks fairly insane while they're posing and the finished product is ... yeah. It's below, let us know your thoughts.

Photo/Video credit: David LaChapelle, via E!