Selena Gomez goes to the emergency room

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Selena Gomez took a trip to the emergency room on Monday (Nov. 19) morning. But did it have anything to do with partying by the side of Justin Bieber after the American Music Awards?

Probably not. TMZ reports that Gomez paid a quick visit to the hospital to get checked for strep throat. The singer had been in a recording session when her throat pain proved to be too much. Worried that it could be a serious situation, she visited the hospital for tests.

This illness is unlikely to be anything terribly dangerous. TMZ cites sources who claim that doctors doubt it is even strep, but final diagnosis depends on lab test results not available for a few days.

It's also possible that Selena Gomez has bronchitis -- her stepfather is apparently suffering from the contagious illness. Or maybe it was too much fun at the American Music Awards?

Whatever the case, Gomez is expected to make a full recovery, allowing her to sing and tease Bieber relationships for the foreseeable future.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images