Serena Williams busted taking picture of Tiger Woods golfing

Tennis pro Serena Williams learned a valuable lesson today: Don't take photos of Tiger Woods while he's trying to golf. The number one ranked tennis player was attending the Honda Classic in Florida, as a spectator, Friday when she tried to snap a quick picture of Tiger Woods with her phone, Sports Illustrated reports.

An official was quick to throw his hand in front of the camera, letting Williams know that it was not allowed to photograph golfers while they play. Williams went to Twitter, saying that security yelled at her when she tried to take the picture. She went on to say she needed to learn more about golf, before defending herself, tweeting "Peeps always take pics of tennis players."

Luckily for Williams, security wasn't quick enough on the draw, and she still got her photo of Tiger. Of course, she sent that to Twitter, too.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images/Golf Channel