'Sesame Street' to send anti-bullying message in upcoming episode

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big-bird-pbs.jpgThe anti-bullying effort has seen its fair share of celebrities get involved - from Gene Simmons to Lady Gaga to Drew Carey and Pauley Perrette. But now the campaign has added members of the PBS series " Sesame Street" to help send the message.

The program will air a special episode on Monday (Oct. 17) to help young children recognize and combat bullying.

The program will center around Big Bird's efforts to get into "The Good Birds Club." But a bully won't allow Big Bird in and proceeds to ridicule him. Ultimately an adult steps in and helps the yellow-feathered one form a new club.

The series will then air episodes focused on helping children accept who they are as well as being accepting of others. Those programs are scheduled to air on Oct. 18 and 21.
Photo/Video credit: PBS