Seth Rogen engaged to Lauren Miller: Details on his unconventional proposal from 'Conan'

seth-rogen-lauren-miller.jpgIs there anything more entertaining than a famous comedian with absolutely nothing to promote? Yes. A possibly stoned celebrity with nothing to promote and a very forgiving fiancee.

Seth Rogen had the honor of being Conan O'Brien's first guest on the series premiere of "Conan" -- but unlike most talk show guests, Rogen wasn't there to promote anything except his own general awesomeness.

Sure, he'll star in "Green Hornet" on January 14 -- but January is a million years from now in Hollywood time. We expect that when that time rolls around, Rogen will be put through the media ringer, doing the whole "who-me-an-action-star-nahhh-aw-shucks" routine over and over. For now, though, he just hit the stage to support his buddy Conan, drop a few S-bombs, and talk about important world issues, like pot and his fiancee's nipples.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Seth Rogen is engaged. We know. Across the world, single ladies are crying and single guys are thinking, " That guy? What does that guy have that I don't have?" The answer, for the record, is money. And an awesome sense of humor. And probably marijuana.