'Sex and the City 2': Yet another new poster

satc-2-third-poster-small.jpgThe "Sex and the City 2" media onslaught should be kicking into high gear any day now, and to start things off the movie has unveiled another poster -- this time featuring all four of its stars.

They're still in the Abu Dhabi desert, and Carrie ( Sarah Jessica Parker) is wearing same dress she had on in the last poster. This time out, though, she's joined by Charlotte ( Kristin Davis), Samantha ( Kim Cattrall) and Miranda ( Cynthia Nixon) in similarly desert-inappropriate clothing.

Abu Dhabi, for those of you not yet paying close attention (how dare you), is the destination for the quartet's latest just-us-women adventure. It's also where Carrie runs into old flame Aidan ( John Corbett), and as a result -- and because it's what she does -- starts to question her marriage to Big ( Chris Noth).

A larger shot of the poster is after the jump.