'Sex and the City 2's' John Corbett to marry Bo Derek, lied to mom about 'SATC' role

bo-derek-john-corbett-dr-getty.jpg John Corbett, who can currently be seen in the "Sex and the City" sequel reprising his role as Aidan Shaw, says he and long time love Bo Derek are headed down the aisle soon.

On June 4 Corbett stopped by "Regis & Kelly"and said, "Why not? Yeah, we'll do that one day. For sure. In the not-too-distant future."

Corbett, 49, and Derek, 53, met on a blind date in 2002. "We were actually talking about [marriage] last night," he says. "We went to a party and we were talking about maybe doing it one day. First time we've talked about it in 8 years, funny enough."

Corbett says Derek was "married to the great John Derek for 30 years. A lot of women, that's high on their list - to be married. I've never been married. We're not having kids. I think it's important to do if you're going to have kids." Bo and John Derek were married in 1976 and remained together until his death from heart complications in 1998. They had no children together.