'Sex and the City's' Kim Cattrall pigs out to play a porn star

kim-cattrall-stripper.jpgWhy is "Sex and the City 2" star Kim Cattrall playing an aging, washed-up pudgy porn star in an '80s reminiscent indie comedy called "Meet Monica Velour"?

Doesn't she make enough money from SATC residuals and the ongoing movies? Perhaps it's in the name of expanding her acting horizons.

Just a month before "SATC 2" opens in the US, the first clip of Kim's new indie has hit the Web. And the director Keith Beardem, whose main concern about casting her was that she was too good-looking,  reportedly asked Kim to put on weight and de-glam for the role. 

"[I told her] 'You need to gain weight, and the goal is to blow people's image of you into tiny little pieces'," said Bearden. "'I'm going to make you look bad at every turn.'"