Shailene Woodley cuts off her hair for 'The Fault in Our Stars' - See the pics


Goodbye Shailene Woodley, hello Hazel Grace Lancaster.

As promised, Woodley chopped off her long locks for the sake of her role in "The Fault in Our Stars" -- and for charity. The 21-year-old actress documented the experience on her Twitter, first showing the scissors and then the "hair nubbins" and, finally, her new short hair.

"Work in progress... but luckily, #itgrowsback !!! :))" Woodley tweets. Author John Green posted his own picture of Woodley getting her hair cut.

Beyond cutting her hair for the movie role, Woodley also cut off her long locks for a good cause. The actress created a Tumblr so she could explain why she is donating her hair to the organization Children With Hair Loss -- and encourage others to do the same.

"As some of you may know, i will be cutting my hair off this coming weekend in order to help morph my physical body into that of the incredible Hazel Grace Lancaster -- and i couldn't be more amped," Woodley writes. "Not only do i have the opportunity to externally shift my current establishment of self, but i have the blessed gift of donating my long locks to a wonderful organization who will then create a wig for someone in need. WHAT AN HONOR."

She continues, "John green (author of T.F.I.O.S.), wyck godfrey (producer of the film), and i all decided that this could be a beautiful opportunity to rally the troops of mankind and ask for some warriors to help contribute to the cause. any of you have 8 inches of hair to spare? or maybe know a friend or family member that does? if so, consider JOINING THE #hairforhazel TEAM! i've already got my mom committed, and possibly a few friends as well. i know the thought of chopping off part of your image is frightening, which is why i want to share with you my personal relationship with my hair (woah, that was a lot of 'with's' and 'my's')."

"The Fault in Our Stars" also stars Woodley's "Divergent" costar Ansel Elgort as Hazel's love interest Augustus Waters, Laura Dern as her mother, Sam Trammel as her father and Nat Wolff as Isaac. Directed by Josh Boone, "The Fault in Our Stars" is due out in 2014.

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Photo/Video credit: Twitter