'Shameless' Emmy Rossum channels 'Fifty Shades of Grey' for dominatrix photoshoot

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Anyone who watches "Shameless" knows that Emmy Rossum has no problem getting naked, as it seems to happen quite a bit to her character. Dressing up as a dominatrix is an entirely different story, though.

The actress posed for the February/March 2014 issue of Complex magazine and had to get a bit outside of her comfort zone, suited up in leather and hanging all over industrial machinery. When asked about the experience by People, she says there was a process to getting through it. "I think you just have to channel a character," she says. "You just have to use it as an acting exercise and channel your inner 'Fifty Shades of Grey.'"

It the end, it was one simple idea running through her head that helped her survive. "I was thinking, 'The sooner I just do what he says, the sooner I can just put my jeans back on'," she admits. "Sometimes there's just no fighting it. Get through it, the pictures will be good and I'll feel fine about it later."

You can see the rest of Rossum's photos from the shoot at Complex.
Photo/Video credit: Complex