Sharks escape into Shanghai mall after tank explodes

sharks-escape-into-mall-pics-photo-video-tank-explodes-youtube.jpgDozens of animals are dead and at least 15 people are injured following the sudden explosion of an aquarium containing live sharks at a shopping mall in China.

A security camera (video below) captured the chaotic moment inside the Shanghai Oriental Shopping Center on Dec. 18. Injuries included cuts from broken glass and a broken ankle, reports the China Daily.

According to the BBC, three lemon sharks and dozens of turtles and small fish were killed when the 33-ton tank ruptured.

"It was horrible, like a bomb explosion. Some pedestrians were pushed two meters away by the force of the water," a shoe vendor at the mall tells the China Daily.

The aquarium was built only two years ago, but some have posited that shoddy materials -- combined with cold temperatures in Shanghai -- contributed to its collapse.  

This isn't the first incident for the aquarium, though: A broken pipe in June reportedly led to the death of three sharks in the display.

Photo/Video credit: YouTube