Sharon and Kelly Osbourne invite you to celebrate Harvey Milk Day at their estate

Osbourne-Kelly-Sharon-harvey-milk-day-equality-california.jpg Sharon and Kelly Osbourne are showing their support of human rights by hosting a Harvey Milk Celebration on the Osbourne Hidden Hills estate on Saturday, May 22. And they want you there!

The event's proceeds will go to help Equality California's mission to support full equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Californians.

Tickets start at $150 and can be purchased at the Equality California website. Premier ticket holders can join Sharon and Kelly for a one-hour reception.

Saturday marks the first official day of recognition for Harvey Milk in California after the bill was passed in 2009. Milk would have turned 80 on Saturday. He was assassinated in his office in San Francisco City Hall on Nov. 27, 1978 at age 48.