'Sherlock' Legos? A design based on the TV series is under review

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Why just watch "Sherlock" on TV when you could recreate Holmes, Watson and the world of 221B Baker Street at home? That seems to be the idea behind a proposed "Sherlock"-themed Lego collection currently under review by the toy company.

The "Sherlock" collection design was created as part of the Lego CUUSOO project, which allows fans to share concepts in the hopes of getting official Lego approval. "Sherlock," submitted by a user called Flailx, is one of six Lego Review qualifiers for the Winter 2014 slot. Having received support from more than 10,000 Lego fans, the "Sherlock" project is now being reviewed by the company's designers and product managers.

If the product meets design standards and manages to get licensed, "Sherlock" Legos could become a reality. The timeframe, however, is a bit long -- the approval stage alone can take months.

So what would "Sherlock" Legos look like? Flailx's design provides for two model sets. The basic set (370 pieces) includes a small recreation of the Baker Street flat along with mini figures of Sherlock Holmes, John Watson and landlady Mrs. Hudson.

sherlock-legos-small-221b-baker-street-lego-cuusoo.jpgAn expanded version of the same design (with 650 pieces) has a larger, more detailed model of Sherlock's apartment -- including that wallpaper! -- and more figures. In addition to the three in the original set, there are figures for Moriarty, Molly Hooper, Detective Inspector Lestrade and Mycroft Holmes.

sherlock-legos-full-figures-set-lego-cuusoo.jpgWill it happen? That's up to Lego now. In the meantime, fans can dream of one day building their own "Sherlock" worlds.

Photo/Video credit: PBS, Lego CUUSOO