'Sherlock' makes the Oxford dictionary 'ship' definition

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"Sherlock" is an important show to television. And now the Oxford English Dictionary has codified this by using the Benedict Cumberbatch series as its example to define the new word, "ship."

Any fan of the show is unlikely to be surprised by this, since dedicated "Sherlock" fans ship Sherlock and Watson, Sherlock and Molly, Sherlock and Moriarty, and just about any other coupling that the program manages to offer. Which one did Oxford pick for the dictionary? As "Sherlock" co-star Louise Brealey points out, it's the Sherlock-Molly pairing:

It's a good choice. Not only is this a rather passionate ship of the "Sherlock" world, it became especially important after Molly was the one person integral to Sherlock surviving Moriarty's forced suicide at the end of Season 2.

Will the dictionary need to change its example in the future? Only "Sherlock" Season 4 -- airing at some point in the indeterminate future -- may have the answer.

Photo/Video credit: BBC