'Sherlock': New Watson wedding photos from 'The Sign of Three'

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In the second episode of "Sherlock" Season 3, "The Sign of Three," Dr. John Watson ( Martin Freeman) will have his wedding to Mary Morstan ( Amanda Abbington) -- whether Sherlock Holmes ( Benedict Cumberbatch) wants him to or not.

Will Watson actually tie the knot at the grand affair? Only the episode has the answer, but new "Sherlock" photos indicate that the answer is yes.

The first of the photos, for example, certainly looks like one that would be taken after a couple has exchanged vows and completed the ceremony.

sherlock-302-sign-of-three-watson-wedding-bbc-1.jpgAlso, would Mrs. Hudson look so happy if the wedding had been a failure?

sherlock-302-sign-of-three-watson-wedding-bbc-2.jpgIf nothing else, there's a happy couple hoping to get through the wedding with no major interruptions and/or murder.

sherlock-302-sign-of-three-watson-wedding-bbc-3.jpgThe "Sherlock" episode, "The Sign of Three," airs Sunday, Jan. 5 on the BBC and Sunday, Jan. 26 on PBS.

Photo/Video credit: BBC