'Sherlock' Season 3 air date revealed, will air with 'Downton Abbey'


"Sherlock" fans can breathe a sigh of relief, because the US air date of the hit show has finally been revealed. According to PBS, Season 3 will premiere on Jan. 19 at 10 p.m.

This announcement marks a couple of firsts for the fan-favorite mystery series. First up, it will be airing back-to-back with "Downton Abbey," which premieres on Jan. 5. This premiere date reveal is also the first time "Sherlock's" American release date was announced before its BBC UK release date (though British fans can rest easy knowing it will be some time before Jan. 19).

The first episode of Season 3 is called "The Empty Hearse" and will finally resolve how Sherlock survived his seeming death at the end of Season 2. Episode 2, called "The Sign of Three," will feature a pretty major wedding, and episode 3, called "The Last Vow," will air on Feb. 2. According to executive producer Rebecca Eaton, these newest three episodes are something very special.

"They're fantastic," she tells Entertainment Weekly. "They are jaw dropping. They are like small movies. Benedict [Cumberbatch] and Martin [Freeman] are so in their Sherlock-Watson groove. They are so comfortable with that relationship it's like being in the room with them."

Photo/Video credit: Entertainment Weekly