'Sherlock' Season 3 photos: 'The Empty Hearse'

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"Sherlock" is really coming back! Season 3 begins on Jan. 1 in the UK and Jan. 19 in the United States, but there are already photos from the upcoming season to help fans wait.

Check out this collection of pictures from the premiere, "The Empty Hearse."

Judging from the press conference above, it doesn't take long for Sherlock Holmes ( Benedict Cumberbatch) to announce his return from the dead. There is probably a case to solve that couldn't wait.

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But until Sherlock is really back, things are a lot more somber, especially for people like Dr. John Watson ( Martin Freeman).

sherlock-season-3-pbs-1.jpgMary Morstan looks a little happier at least.

sherlock-season-3-pbs-2.jpgWhat's the verdict on Watson's mustache? Think he'll keep it?

sherlock-season-3-pbs-3.jpgMrs. Hudson looks a little shocked. Is Sherlock to blame for this?

sherlock-season-3-pbs-4.jpgInspector Lestrade, meanwhile, just looks as perplexed (and vaguely amused) as ever.

sherlock-season-3-pbs-5.jpgPoor Molly. With Sherlock dead, she has to mourn him. With the detective alive, she has to be ignored by him.

sherlock-season-3-pbs-6.jpgIt looks like Sherlock Holmes is on the case!

sherlock-season-3-pbs-7.jpgMary may be intimately involved with whatever is happening in "The Empty Hearse."


Photo/Video credit: PBS