'Sherlock' Season 3 photos: Watson's wedding in 'The Sign of Three'

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Shortly after Sherlock Holmes ( Benedict Cumberbatch) returns in "Sherlock" Season 3, another big change will follow: Dr. John Watson ( Martin Freeman) will be getting married. Sherlock can cheat death, but can he handle a wedding?

Photos from the season's second episode, "The Sign of Three," indicate that this might not be the easiest thing for the great detective.

In addition to Watson's marriage to his new lady, Mary Morstan ( Amanda Abbington), the episode deals with a new case. The details of it remain vague, even if Sherlock and Watson do have to confront a soldier in order to find the truth.

sherlock-302-pbs-1-martin-freeman-benedict-cumberbatch.jpgThe men will need to heal the sizable rift that developed due to Sherlock's non-death and Watson's insistence on marrying a woman.

sherlock-302-pbs-2-martin-freeman-benedict-cumberbatch.jpgIt may not be too easy.

sherlock-302-pbs-4-martin-freeman.jpgSome part of the case involves a woman named Tessa ( Alice Lowe).

sherlock-302-pbs-5-tess-alice-lowe.jpgThe duo may also face a new villain, Charles Augustus Magnussen ( Lars Mikkelsen).

sherlock-302-pbs-6-charles-augustus-magnussen.jpgWhether the case gets solved or not, Sherlock and Watson have a wedding to get to.

sherlock-302-pbs-7-watson-wedding.jpgCan Sherlock actually give a best man speech without being awful? That may be the biggest mystery of all.

sherlock-302-pbs-8-cumberbatch-speech.jpg"Sherlock" Season 3 premieres Jan. 1 in the U.K. and on Jan. 19 on PBS in the U.S.

Photo/Video credit: PBS