'Sherlock' Season 3: Watch the first full trailer and see the GIFs

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The long wait is almost over, people: "Sherlock" Season 3 kicks off on Jan. 1 in the UK and Jan. 19 in the US, and we finally have our first full trailer for the new season.

The footage shows Sherlock planning on surprising John, but he's in for a rude awakening since John isn't at Baker St. anymore. We can't put this off any longer, just watch the trailer and see for yourself:

How amazing was that, "Sherlock" fans? Here's some GIF's filled with Benedict Cumberbatch goodness for you:


Sherlock returns to London to thwart a terrorist attack ...


Sherlock returns to Baker St. and Mrs. Hudson's reaction is mirroring ours ...


Who's ready to re-enter Sherlock's world? Trick question, we all are ...


It's been two years since Reichenbach Fall, and things are going to get dark ...


"Sherlock" Season 3 premieres Jan. 1 on BBC.

Photo/Video credit: BBC One