'Sherlock' Season 3: Who should Holmes date - Irene Adler? Molly? Moriarty?

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Everyone loves "Sherlock's" main character. But who should Holmes date? As of "The Sign of Three," there are plenty of options -- Irene Adler, Molly Hooper, Janine the bridesmaid and more.

Yes, some of these options are more possible than others. But who cares when Sherlock Holmes is on the case!

Possibility 1: Irene Adler

Based on the Woman's appearance in "The Sign of Three," there is no way Sherlock is over his favorite dominatrix yet.

sherlock-sign-of-three-irene-adler-bcb.gif Possibility 2: Janine the Bridesmaid

Having even a casual relationship with a normal-ish woman is a big deal for Sherlock. Could maid of honor Janine be that woman?

sherlock-janine-bridesmaid-1.gif sherlock-janine-bridesmaid-2.gif
Possibility 3: Molly Hooper

Poor Molly really shouldn't have to put up with Sherlock's infuriating behavior toward her. Considering the kiss that may or may not have happened, however, there is at least some chemistry there.

Possibility 4: Moriarty

Yes, it was a fangirl's fantasy, but weirder things have happened. And that was an incredible almost-kiss.

sherlock-moriarty-kiss-empty-hearse-bbc-1c.gif sherlock-moriarty-kiss-empty-hearse-bbc-2b.gif sherlock-moriarty-kiss-empty-hearse-bbc-a.gif
Possibility 5: John Watson

He's married. He isn't interested. But oh do these two men go well together!

sherlock-sign-of-three-martin-freeman-benedict-cumberbatch-romance-pbs.jpgWho do you most want Sherlock Holmes to date? Vote in the poll below!

Photo/Video credit: PBS