'Sherlock' video: Holmes as Watson's best man in 'The Sign of Three'

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What kind of a best man is Sherlock Holmes? That question will be answered in the second episode of "Sherlock" Season 3, "The Sign of Three." A video clip from the episode indicates that the results of this social experiment could be amusing.

If nothing else, there's a brain.

The central event in "The Sign of Three" is John Watson's ( Martin Freeman) wedding to Mary Morstan ( Amanda Abbington). As other characters realize right at the beginning of the clip, Watson is certain to ask Holmes ( Benedict Cumberbatch) to be his best man.

But that means a speech. There are also a whole lot of other wedding traditions that Sherlock will have to face in this oddest of mysteries. Also, because this is "Sherlock," we can expect the detective to solve a murder or two before the reception is over.

"The Sign of Three" airs Sunday, Jan. 26 on PBS.

Photo/Video credit: PBS