'Sherlock's' Benedict Cumberbatch up for season 3

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sherlock.jpgThe big news for British star Benedict Cumberbatch is that he's been tapped by J.J. Abrams to star as an as-yet-unnamed character in the "Star Trek" sequel. But for a certain portion of the population -- call us the Baker Street Irregulars -- the "Trek" news is eclipsed by the fact that Cumberbatch isn't just back for a second season of "Sherlock," but will be on hand for a third, too.


"You might see it's quite hard for me to make it back by the end of the last episode," said Cumberbatch at a Wednesday (Jan. 5) interview at the Television Critics Association winter press tour.

Still, a moment later executive producer Rebecca Eaton confirmed that Cumberbatch would in fact return for a third outing as the updated Sir Arthur Conan Doyle sleuth.

Cumberbatch also talked about a new dynamic entering the scene in season 2 -- which will air on PBS in the spring: Holmes' distaff nemesis/love interest Irene Adler, played by Laura Pulver.

"This isn't going to be a love, guys, where we get boring and mushy," said Cumberbatch.

Though it may get, umm, naked. Apparently one minute out of the 90-minute first episode features a nude Pulver.

"She's a dominatrix," said Pulver. "Nudity is nothing to her ... but it was no mean feat for me to shoot it being naked for eight hours in just a pair of Louboutin shoes."

Producer Eaton is quick to dispel any impression that Holmes is R-rated viewing.

"This is sex on public television," she said. "He touches her hand."

So, we know what to expect from "Sherlock": a dominatrix and a third season with Cumberbatch in the title role.

All in all, good news.
Photo/Video credit: PBS