Shiri Appleby nude photo leaks following 'Girls' sex scene

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Shiri Appleby already went topless on HBO's comedy "Girls," which could explain why there was no big hullabaloo when a very NSFW self-taken full frontal photo of the actress hit the web last week. As Appleby is very pregnant at the moment, the photo in question seems to be a bit old.

The image, which Zap2it won't post but can be found on Gawker or Egotastic, comes after Appleby shared a sex scene with Adam Driver on the March 10 episode of "Girls." Some speculate that Appleby's photo was released to drum up attention for her stint on the series, while others doubt that the image is even of her.

It was announced in December that Appleby is expecting her first child with fiancé Jon Shook in March. "Thank you for all the well wishes. We can't wait to meet our little Baby Shook!" she tweeted at the time. It could be that Appleby has already given birth, as she posted on Twitter that she was due on March 21.

Photo/Video credit: Egotastic