Shoshi Games 2014: 'Girls' meets Winter Olympics in the best meme of the week

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shoshi-figure-skating-592.jpgThe 2014 Winter Olympics have been a font of inspiration for Internet memes since beginning in early February. First, Sochi Problems cropped up, and then American figure skater Ashley Wagner became 2014's McKayla Maroney.

But perhaps the best meme is one that's come entirely from out of left field. It's the Shoshi Games 2014.

Some genius out there has been pasting some of the best Shoshanna ( Zosia Mamet) faces from HBO's "Girls" on the bodies of Olympic athletes photographed in competition, and the result is comedy gold.

It may not have been the meme we expected, but it very may well be the meme we needed.

Check out a smattering of the hysterical photos below:

shoshi-jazz-hands.jpg shoshi-shaun-white.jpg

Photo/Video credit: Tumblr