'Signed, Sealed, Delivered': Post office detectives solve mysteries in quirky fashion

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Maybe supermodels could rock the shapeless uniforms mail carriers must wear, but even then those boxy shirts and gray slacks have zero panache.

Luckily for the characters on Hallmark Channel's "Signed, Sealed, Delivered," airing Sundays, they aren't bound by the polyester duds. A team of mail detectives works hard to get waylaid letters to their intended recipients.

And luckily for costume designer Rebekka Sorensen, Martha Williamson's creations call for very different kinds of people in this office.

Oliver (Eric Mabius) is the office boss and a bit uptight, which is reflected in his clothing.

"He is a very smart, intelligent man, and he is very confident in his knowledge and what he does," Sorensen tells Zap2it. "He takes a lot of pride in his job and helping people."

He wears three-piece suits and button-down shirts and accessorizes with cuff links, a tie and a fob with a pocket watch. Sorensen bought him a few Hugo Boss suits online and shops for Oliver at Holt Renfrew and Hudson's Bay, Canadian department stores.

She was first working with a more muted palette but expanded it to bright shirts for pops of color.

Rita (Crystal Lowe), who has a photographic memory, is the sort of woman who lives for that special find in a vintage store. Here she wears an outfit that's a mix of new and vintage. The cardigan, like pretty much every cardigan on TV, is from J.Crew, the blouse is from Top Shop, and the pink and gray plaid skirt is a secondhand find. Sorensen also shops for her at H&M and Winners, the Canadian counterpart to Marshalls.

"She has a vintage chic look but also a nerdy girl next door look because of her glasses and how she is very well put together with the vintage pieces and the modern," Sorensen says.

Rita's signature look is owl jewelry, though she's not wearing any in this because even for a vintage chic woman, there are limits as to how many styles one mixes at once.

Shane (Kristin Booth), the department technophile, is outfitted from Holt Renfrew, Hudson's Bay and Aritzia.

"She has more of a business-chic look," Sorensen says. "And her details are in the jackets or her shoes. Always has a signature necklace, an amethyst."

She favors skinny jeans or tight pants, heels, and sassy jackets with zippers.

"It's more of a simpler look, sleek," Sorensen says. "And the detailing goes into her jackets and the zipper detailing in the sleeves and the pockets instead of the blazers. It just gives it a bit more fashionable, edgier feel."

Dressing her this way reflects that Shane is "a strong, confident woman and very caring," Sorensen says. "She takes these stories and these letters to heart, and she is very curious to solve the mysteries and to help."
Photo/Video credit: Hallmark