Sisters Pippa and Kate Middleton go clubbing with Prince William in London

kate-middleton-stockton-recovery-gi.jpg Kate Middleton is back on the public scene in full force now that the buzz generated by her nude photos has died down a bit.

After making several official appearances in Newcastle while husband Prince William attended his nanny's funeral, the Duchess regrouped in London on a mission to let her hair down.

Kate and sister Pippa Middleton joined back up with Will to host a party for a friend at Loulou, a private club in Mayfair, arriving around 10 p.m. E! Online reports Will and Kate tried to sneak out the back exit after midnight, while Pippa -- unafraid of turning into a pumpkin -- partied until 2:30 a.m.

Will's brother, and now famous party boy, Prince Harry is still in Afghanistan.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images