'Smallville: Alien' No. 2: First look at Batman vs. Bane

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The 11th season of "Smallville" continues on in the form of a DC comic book, with a miniseries titled "Smallville: Alien." The story follows Superman and Lex Luthor as they each other to Moscow to be the first to reach a Monitor that has fallen from the sky. The Monitors are other-worldly entities that wish to maintain order in every universe.

The miniseries also includes a side story with Batman and Nightwing, as they do battle against Bane. Batman later discovers a young man in a Superman T-shirt who has been beaten to death, which will presumably tie into the story later.

Below, check out the cover and first four pages from "Smallville: Alien" No. 2, which shows Batman on what would definitely be considered the losing end of the fight against Bane. The issue, due in stores January 8, is written by Bryan Q. Miller and features art by Edgar Salazar and DYM, along with a beautiful cover by Cat Staggs.

Photo/Video credit: DC Comics