'Smallville' fan contest: Will you be the next guest star?

tom-welling-smallville-final-season-trailer.jpg "Smallville" fans are among the most rabid TV geeks ever - and here at Zap2it, we mean that with love and admiration. Some of you have followed the show for a whole decade, and now the "Smallville" bosses have found a unique way to thank you for your dedication.

Warner Bros. TV is giving fans the opportunity to appear in an upcoming episode as citizens of Metropolis who help Clark Kent ( Tom Welling) through a discouraging time. In the February 4 episode, "Beacon," Clark's friends will show him online videos of civilians thanking "The Blur" for being a hero.

The videos will "express what The Blur means to them, what it means to be a hero - and what it means to have heroes and believe in them," according to a Warner Bros. statement.

And one of those videos could be yours! Record a video of yourself in character as a hopeful Metropolis citizen and submit it to The CW here. Make sure to do it before Dec. 20 at 11 a.m. PST to be eligible to appear on the show! A few videos will appear in the episode, and even more will be published online for fans to view.

What do you have to tell The Blur?
Photo/Video credit: CW