'Smallville' Season 11, No. 19: First look at 'Olympus' conclusion

Since the show ended, things in the "Smallville" universe have gotten pretty complicated. Clark is fully Superman these days, and he's even got Wonder Woman fighting at his side.

In a first look preview of issue 19 of the comic book continuation of the series, the "Olympus" story comes to an end. Unlike the old "freak of the week" formula, Superman is protecting people on a much larger scale, and his reach is far beyond Metropolis.

As the issue picks up, Washington, D. C. is on lockdown, while Air Force One is under attack. Add to that the dead are rising from their graves and you've got a pretty stressful situation for Superman and Wonder Woman.

The issue is written by Bryan Q. Miller, with art by Jorge Jimenez and a cover from Cat Staggs. "Smallville" Season 11, issue 19 releases November 13. Check out the cover and first six pages below:

Photo/Video credit: DC Comics