'Smallville': Season finale pits Clark vs. Zod, gets two couples feeling the love

smallville-clark-zod-320.jpgClark vs. Zod!

The ninth season of "Smallville" wraps up Friday (May 14) with an epic showdown between Clark and Zod.

And, well, it's about freaking time.

What else is on tap?

Romance, my friends. At least two couples will be feeling the love and making sure that we know it.

Oh yeah, and someone may be getting killed off.

Sound good?

P.S. "Smallville" supporters in the Los Angeles area, don't forget to tune into KTLA on Friday (May 14) at 6:17 and 6:48 P.M. to see the amazing Chloe Sullivan tribute commercial that a group of die-hard Allison Mack admirers put together. The fans at Legendary Chloe raised enough money to get the commercial on the air in both L.A. and New York, where it will run May 20th.

Check out a clip from the episode and a preview of the commercial...

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Photo credit: CW