'Smallville's' 200th Episode: A nostalgic 'Homecoming' and a trip to the future

smallville-homecoming-320.jpg "Smallville's" highly anticipated 200th episode is almost here, and it's sure to be a favorite for longtime fans of the show - and for those of you who may have tuned out a few years back. The nostalgia-fest airs October 15 at 8 p.m. EST, but we've got a sneak peek at some heartwarming photos below.

In the episode, Lois ( Erica Durance) and Clark ( Tom Welling) return to Smallville High for their reunion. Though Lois's time there doesn't start off great - nobody remembers her brief tenure as a student, and she's confronted with the memory of Clark's old flame Lana Lang - we have a feeling it gets better.

"Fans of Lois and Clark's relationship are going to find this episode particularly satisfying," Warner Bros. Television president Peter Roth told us at the 200th Episode Party. "There's a really beautiful moment between them that shapes their relationship."

James Marsters returns as Brainiac to give Clark some perspective on his life. He reveals the truth about Clark's father's death, what Oliver is going through now that he's "outed," and even some secrets about Clark's future with Lois, the newspaper, and oh yeah -- that whole Superman thing.

"Homecoming" will definitely impact Clark's future, but expect a lot of callbacks to the past. Keep your ears perked for the song "Everything" by Lifehouse, which die-hard fans will remember from the pilot episode.

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Photo credits: CW