'Smash': Did Ivy just become more hated than Ellis?

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ivy-megan-hilty-smash-nbc.jpgOn Monday's (April 23) episode of "Smash," Rebecca Duvall ( Uma Thurman) is still hanging on as Marilyn Monroe in the Broadway-or-bust musical "Bombshell." She takes to heart the idea of keeping her enemies close as she befriends Karen ( Katharine McPhee) after hearing through the grapevine via Ellis ( Jaime Cepero) -- naturally -- that Derek ( Jack Davenport) told Karen she would make a good Marilyn.

Random Bollywood number and Julia's ( Debra Messing) runaway son aside, the real action/drama lies in the last several minutes of the episode. Ellis, demoted to smoothie-making duty for Rebecca, agrees to do Ivy's ( Megan Hilty) evil bidding and sends Karen a text saying she can go home because Julia has the flu. Conniving Ivy is asked to step in and sing Karen's song, the performance of which brings Eileen ( Anjelica Huston) to tears and a round of applause from everyone else. Not one to be outwitted, though, Rebecca sports a wry smile after the performance.

"Derek, suggestion," she says. "I think Marilyn should sing that song."

Is Ivy the new Ellis? Or are the two of them together a more evil force than they could ever be on their own? Or is Rebecca actually the most calculating of them all?

Photo/Video credit: NBC