'Smash': See Nick Jonas with the cast and hear his thoughts on the show

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nick-jonas-smash2.jpg "Smash" has spent its first three episodes establishing its main characters, so there hasn't been much focus on big guest stars.

That will change on Monday (Feb. 27) when Nick Jonas joins the show for a guest spot as a young star who might hold the key to moving "Marilyn" forward.

Jonas plays Lyle West, a 20-year-old TV star who's been in the business since he was a child and has just cashed in on his series going into syndication. Derek ( Jack Davenport), who worked with Lyle when he was younger, throws him a birthday party and invites several members of the "Marilyn" team -- including Eileen ( Anjelica Huston), who sees in Lyle a chance to raise the workshop money for the musical.

nick-jonas-smash4.jpg nick-jonas-smash1.jpgLyle remains unconvinced -- though he does take a liking to Ivy ( Megan Hilty), who's there as Derek's date -- so Eileen and Derek decide to give him a taste of what the show will look like, calling in reinforcements for a musical number. (He also sings Michael Buble's "Haven't Met You Yet" in the episode.)

nick-jonas-smash3.jpgFor now, Jonas is just scheduled for a one-off appearance on "Smash," but the way the character is introduced we wouldn't be surprised if Lyle popped up somewhere down the line as well. He also talked about his role and why he wanted to be on the show with NBC, which you can hear in the video below. "Smash" airs at 10 p.m. ET Monday on NBC.

Photo/Video credit: NBC