'Smash' soundtrack, 'The Music of Smash,' to be released May 1

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smash-soundtrack-amazon.jpgThe wait is almost over for fans eager to listen to the music of "Marilyn" on their iPods. NBC is releasing its first "Smash" soundtrack, "The Music of Smash," on May 1.

According to
Amazon.com, the 13-track album will include both covers and originals from the series, including the Ryan Tedder-produced song "Touch Me" from the March 26 episode, "The Coup."

Check out the full track list for the soundtrack:

1. "Touch Me"     
2. "Stand"     
3. "Who You Are"     
4. "Crazy"     
5. "Beautiful"     
6. "Haven't Met You Yet"     
7. "Shake It Out"     
8. "Brighter Than the Sun"     
9. "Let Me Be Your Star"     
10. "The 20th Century Fox Mambo"     
11. "Mr. & Mrs. Smith"     
12. "Let's Be Bad"     
13. "History Is Made at Night"

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Photo/Video credit: Amazon.com