'SNL's' Jason Sudeikis: Jennifer Aniston 'should be so lucky'

jason-sudeikis-gq-august-2010.jpg"Saturday Night Live's" Jason Sudeikis is getting a lot of press play these days ... for his alleged summer romances with such ladies as "Horrible Bosses" co-star Jennifer Aniston and "Mad Men's" most desperate of housewives, January Jones.

Sudeikis laughs off the Aniston rumors in the August issue of GQ, joking, "She should be so lucky."

Other gems learned: he went to the same high school as another funny guy ( Paul Rudd), his uncle is George Wendt (who gave him the career advice "Get on one of the best sitcoms ever and then ride it out.") and Ellen DeGeneres is his "Justin Timberlake."