'So You Think You Can Dance' recap: The Super Six

sytycd-season-9.jpgOkay, I almost started this off with a comment about how I wasn't sure if Cat could pull off the dress she was wearing that seemed to be a nude mesh minidress with orange, black and taupe sequin blocks all over it. But by the end of the episode -- maybe it was the 17-inch strappy Louboutins? -- I decided that she's totally making it work. Look, she's not like us mere mortals.

The group number starts out dark, with the girls in deconstructed tutus, wearing sparkly silver Phantom of the Opera-esque masks and immediately I (correctly) peg this as a Sonya routine. It's very "post-apocalyptic-Phantom" with the boys in black half masks of their own and is reminiscent of her superhero-type routines. But it's well-done and really fun to watch with these six dancers, especially Eliana, who is featured in front. The song, "Scream" by Kelis, goes into an electronic beat and the girls really get into it. The guys, to be honest, are kind of just there as props to perform lists and show off the ladies' awesomeness.

After introducing the gulls and guys, Cat lets us know that next week's finale performance episode will be on Tuesday rather than Wednesday. I also believe that the finale results show won't be until the following week, so that the dances next week actually count toward the final results. This week the dancers are each doing three dances: one with an all-star, one solo, and one with another of their fellow competitors. The other change is that this week the results are entirely from America's votes; the judges won't be able to save anyone from here on out. This concerns me a little bit, but we'll see what America does later. Nigel, Mary and Christina Applegate are this week's judges and Nigel says that it was great when they did have a say in the results because the format allowed them to get feedback from the choreographers on how everyone did in their rehearsals. Cat is excited that he might know who has been making out with who behind the scenes, but Nigel was just happy to be able to ask them if they'd actually hire these dancers after working with them. Sadly, we aren't actually given any dirt on either of these topics.

Before each of the dancers do their solos we get to see videos from their parents which are very sweet but which can be summed up here in advance: all of their parents love them, are proud of them, think they've worked hard for this and wish them tons of luck. I had started to recap these individually but when I realized I'd written a variation of the same paragraph six times, figured I'd consolidate for y'all. It's pretty much the same with the solos themselves. Chehon goes for a bit of a darker feel like all of the roles Cole has been getting these past weeks, and his technique is still ridiculous. Witney does a solo paso doble which I appreciate because it mixes things up a little from the usual (great, but usual) Latin footwork. Cyrus is a machine. I mean, he literally looks like a robot, which is awesome as always. Cole does a lot of martial arts moves. Eliana's control and extension is sick. Tiffany does a nice, flowing contemporary piece. For the most part, these dancers are not choreographers and it shows because the solos start to blend into each other from week to week. And that's fine! It's not So You Think You Can Choreograph. But I'll admit that I do get just the teensiest bit bored with the solos and can't wait to go back to the partner and group numbers.