Sofia Coppola wants to make a Hollywood 'Bling Ring' movie

sofia-coppola-gi.jpgRemember the teenagers who burglarized a bunch of celebrities' houses a couple years ago? Sofia Coppola does.

The "Lost in Translation" and "Somewhere" director is interested in making her next film about the "Bling Ring," the group of six kids who allegedly stole money, clothes, jewelry and other items from the likes of Paris Hilton, Rachel Bilson and Lindsay Lohan. TMZ reports she even contacted one of the group, Nick Prugo, about consulting on the film.

Prugo declined, but Tess Taylor -- the sister and reality-show co-star of Alexis Neiers, who served a brief sentence for her involvement in one of the burglaries -- has agreed to join the project, TMZ says.

The project is really just an idea at the moment -- no one has written a script, and there's no start date for filming. The group's exploits have already been dramatized in "Bling Ring," a Lifetime movie starring Jennifer Grey that aired in late September. An episode of "Law & Order: LA" last season also played on the story.

Given Coppola's past films, we foresee a dreamily shot film about teenage ennui and celebrity culture in suburban Los Angeles, set to a soundtrack of moody indie rock. Although a farcical caper comedy might suit the story better.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images