'Sons of Anarchy' action figures are coming: Kids can reenact all the murder and mayhem

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Once upon a time, the height of action figures were robots that transformed into cars. Who needs those when you can have murderous bikers, though? Mezco Toyz has announced a line of action figures based on "Sons of Anarchy" that will be released in 2014.

In addition to action figures, the Mezco line will include plush toys, bobbleheads and more. What someone is supposed to do with a Clay Morrow ( Ron Perlman) plush toy is anyone's guess, but have fun reenacting that gruesome death of his again and again. No photos or additional details have been released yet, but the toys are expected to debut at International Toy Fair in February.

Those aren't the only "Sons of Anarchy" toys you can get your hands on, though. Funko is ready to release a line of their Pop! vinyl collectible figures on January 7. The initial offering will include Jax, Clay, Gemma and Opie, who is sadly not portrayed as a zombie. They can be seen below:

Photo/Video credit: FX/Funko