'Sons of Anarchy' episode 606 - 'Salvage' photos: Jax and Bobby reunite

Well, all it took was a bomb in the clubhouse to finally get Jax ( Charlie Hunnam) and Bobby ( Mark Boone Junior) talking again on "Sons of Anarchy." After not speaking since last season, and with Bobby missing the last couple episodes, it looks like their impasse comes to an end in "Salvage."

In photos released from the episode, Jax and Bobby have a discussion, and then sit at the same jury table. However, with the Charming clubhouse gone, it looks like SAMCRO is heading to Nevada to temporarily set up shop there.

Another picture shows how small the club has become. Discounting Jax and Bobby, who is actively trying to start a nomad chapter, all that's left are four members and a prospect. What's interesting about that photo is Chibs ( Tommy Flanagan) has removed his kutte. Everyone else has theirs on, so that's seems a bit telling.

The photo of Jax on his motorcycle also shows a nice little tribute that might be missed, Normally. Along the bottom of his kutte, the president wears a patch that reads "In memory of 'Opie'," a tribute to his fallen brother.

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Photo/Video credit: FX