'Sons of Anarchy': $*@&! the Emmys

charlie-hunnam-sons-of-anarchy-s2-320.jpg "Sons of Anarchy" creator Kurt Sutter is a little bummed that his show didn't get any recognition from the Emmys this year. The show's cast? They have some thoughts too.

Sutter thanked the Television Critics Association for nominating "SOA" and star Katey Sagal (who's also Sutter's wife) for its annual awards -- "and not just to kiss all your a**es because we're out here ... [but] it was one of those moments where I said, 'OK, I'm not f***ing crazy.'" (By the way, if you're sensing a theme here with the asterisks, you're not wrong.)

But Sutter -- who has in the past railed against the Emmys on his blog, Sutter Ink -- was diplomatic about the "Sons" snub. "All I'll say about the Emmys -- and clearly I have a very specific opinion -- but all I'll say is that every year when the Emmys are announced, half the stories are about the nominations, and the other half of the stories are about the absurdity of the nominations and the snubs. So to me, perhaps that suggests the system is somewhat flawed."

The cast, however, let loose a little bit. "I would say it's the reaction of the people," Mark Boone Junior (Bobby) says. "When I hit the streets, it's amazing, the reaction, Emmy or no Emmy."

Adds Ron Perlman (Clay), rather succinctly: "F*** 'em."

Charlie Hunnam (Jax) says he's actually glad the show was bypassed. "I don't subscribe to Emmys or awards or any of that ... I think it's all a crock of s***," he says. "I think it's corrupting. I was happy that ... we weren't on the receiving end of a force that could change the dynamic we have, because I think it's working and it's an environment where we're able to good work and be fulfilled as artists. All of that crap I think is secondary and completely unimportant -- but it does have the potential to ruin a good thing. So like he said, f*** 'em."

"Sons of Anarchy" will begin its third season on FX on Sept. 7.

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Photo credit: FX