'Sons of Anarchy' Season 7 underway, see the behind-the-scenes photos

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sons-of-anarchy-season-7.jpg "Sons of Anarchy" is just beginning to shoot some Season 7 promos and some behind-the-scenes photos have been posted to Twitter by FX's vice president of media relations Dominic Pagone. They don't tell us much, but they sure are fun to look at.

What do we know about Season 7? We know that the Mayans and Marcus Alvarez (Emilio Rivera) will return, and it also sounds like August Marks (Billy Brown) and Les Packer (Robert Patrick) will as well. There has also been speculation that Marilyn Manson will be guest starring as a heroin addict.

"Sons of Anarchy" Season 7 will premiere in fall 2014 on FX.


Photo/Video credit: Twitter