'Sons of Anarchy' Season 7 finale date revealed, companion book to be released

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The series finale of "Sons of Anarchy" now has an air date, so you can adequately prepare for the end. The show will end for good on Tuesday, Dec. 9.

That little bit of news was revealed by way of an official companion book for the series, which will be released the next day on Dec. 10. "Sons of Anarchy: The Official Collector's Edition" features an introduction from creator Kurt Sutter and over 200 pages of photos, interviews, quotes, behind-the-scenes stories and even a glossary of biker terminology.

Don't get too sad about the end yet, though. There's still 13 episodes to get through before leaving Charming. "Sons of Anarchy" Season 7 premieres Tuesday, Sept. 9, at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX.
Photo/Video credit: FX