Sophia Grace and Rosie's moms are pregnant, they tell 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show'

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Adorable British moppets Sophia Grace and Rosie are stopping by "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" once again -- but this time it's not to perform a Nicki Minaj song or work a red carpet for Ellen. This time they have big news to share!

"Both of our moms are pregnant," exclaim the cousins, whose mothers Danielle and Carly are expecting.

"I've been wishing every birthday and it's finally come true," gushes Sophia Grace. "It it was a girl, we could dress it in pink leotards and tutus and it would be really good, but if it were a boy we could still dress it nice, couldn't we?"

As far as names go, Sophia Grace thinks a flower name for a girl, like Daisy, while Rosie suggests a girl named Rainbow or Sparkle. They don't really have any boy names yet.

Photo/Video credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.