'Southland': Get your first look at Season 3

southland-cudlitz-mckenzie.jpgAfter nine months off the air, "Southland" returns to TNT for its third season on Jan. 4. And officers John Cooper ( Michael Cudlitz) and Ben Sherman ( Ben McKenzie) are still patrolling the streets of Los Angeles.

TNT has posted photos from season premiere, titled "Let It Snow." In the episode, Ben gets hit on at a traffic stop, and Lydia ( Regina King) butts heads with her new partner (new cast member Jenny Gago) as they investigate the murder of an illegal immigrant.

Russell ( Tom Everett Scott), meanwhile, is trying to adjust to a deskbound job in the department, and John is trying to manage his pain issues.

Three more photos from the early episodes, including the first look at Gago as Detective Josie Ochoa and a peek at Ben's traffic-stop cutie, are below.

southland-king-gago.jpg southland-ben-mckenzie.jpg southland-king-scott.jpgSeason 3 of "Southland" premieres at 10 p.m. ET Tuesday, Jan. 4 and will run for 10 weeks, nearly doubling the total number of episodes the show has aired in the process. Will you be watching?

Photo/Video credit: TNT