'Southland' star Shawn Hatosy gets 'Reckless' at CBS

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shawn-hatosy-cbs-pilot-gi.jpgA second star of "Southland" has taken a role in a pilot for next season, spelling more potentially bad news for the TNT series.

Shawn Hatosy will co-star in CBS' drama pilot "Reckless," Deadline reports. The show is about the steamy relationship between a prosecutor in Charleston, S.C. ( Cam Gigandet), and his opposing counsel in a police scandal. Hatosy will play a detective at the Charleston PD.

As with his "Southland" co-star Ben McKenzie (who coincidentally also signed to a CBS pilot), Hatosy's casting is in second position to "Southland." If TNT were to renew the show for a sixth season, "Reckless" would have to find a replacement for him.

It's not unheard of for shows to get 11th-hour renewals and recall cast members who have moved on to pilots -- a couple years ago both Damon Wayans Jr. ("New Girl") and Adam Pally ("Best Friends Forever") took pilots, only to return to "Happy Endings" when ABC unexpectedly gave it a second season. But it's generally not a good sign when actors on a show start looking for other work.

"Southland" has averaged about 1.3 million viewers in the same-day ratings for TNT this season. 
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