'Spartacus: Vengeance' Drinking games from the cast, fans

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Spartacus-cropped.jpgWe here at the Zap2it office love "Spartacus" in all it's forms. We recently hit the red carpet for the premiere of Season 3, called "Spartacus: Vengeance," as well as speaking to some of the cast at the Winter Press Tour. We revealed our favorite "Spartacus" drinking game, which involves a sip (or a shot) every time someone says the word "absent." We got some of the cast to tell us their favorite show drinking games as well as some of the fans.

When we told creator and show runner Steven DeKnight how we celebrate the wonderfulness that is "Spartacus," he laughed and said "Really? Not 'Jupiter's c***?" We're assuming that's his. He told us on the red carpet that he isn't part of the frequently naked extra-casting process. He said he leaves that to his producing partner Rob Tapert, but laughed, saying, "I don't know where he finds these people, but I think Rob and I need to hang out more often. He always finds the most beautiful people down there that are willing to get naked.

Newcomer to the show Ellen Hollman who plays the feisty Saxa this season had a great drinking game for us. "I'm a big fan of Sparty Roulette. We all take turns throwing daggers at the Roman prisoners. It's good ol' fashioned fun but for every time you miss your target?  You have to choke down a half carafe of nasty rebel wine...good thing that's my weapon of choice!"

Craig Parker who plays Glaber on the show told us, 
"I did invent a drinking game for this show. Every time, in the background, when there is a gratuitous breast or penis, you drink." He advised us, "You should all play."

We polled a bunch of you on Twitter and Facebook and we got a few great ones. CW Cooke warns us, "Y ou don't drink every time there's nudity or blood? Probably a good idea." Chris Johnson says, " Every time I see a naked lady or a pair of abs (okay, so I like to drink)." Julien LeConte has our favorite. " Each time we hear "Domina". And we have to say "Yes, Domina..." with a deep voice before drinking."

So, what's your "Spartacus" drinking game? Let us know what you'll be doing when the show premieres on Starz on Friday, January 27th.
Photo/Video credit: Starz