Spencer Pratt's 'Hills' hiatus isn't exactly voluntary

spencer-pratt.jpgWe thought something smelled fishy when Spencer Pratt announced his plans to leave "The Hills" in favor of a new career as a cyber crusader.  

Pratt told People that that he "discovered a new passion and a new purpose" when learning that Obama deemed cyber threat one of our nation's most serious "economic and national security challenges." Pratt says he decided to leave the reality vehicle that launched his career in favor of ... fighting scary Internet bad guys, apparently.

As it turns out, Pratt may not have "decided'"anything at all. A "Hills" insider tells Us that Spencer was actually asked by producers to take a break after "flipping out" on a female producer when she made an unspecified request. 

"I should kill you for even asking me to do that!" Spencer supposedly said.The producer filed an official complaint, and the source described her as "very rattled."