Spice Girl Mel B eats Funyuns in 'The Eric Andre Show' first look clip

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Anything can happen on the Adult Swim talk show "The Eric Andre Show," especially when Funyuns are involved. In this Zap2it exclusive clip from the Dec. 5 episode, "America's Got Talent" judge Melanie Brown (aka Spice Girl Mel B) stopped by the show, but was surprised by the food spread left for her.

Apparently the guys were trying to impress her with an array of ham and strawberries, but it was the Funyuns that really got her excited. Girl loves her Funyuns.

Even Questlove isn't quite sure what's going on.

"The Eric Andre Show" airs Thursdays on Adult Swim at 12:30 a.m. The Season 2 finale airs on Dec. 12.

Photo/Video credit: Adult Swim